Corona update

Due to measures taken by the government and the TU/e, the board has decided (in collaboration with the department) the following:

Up to and including at least April 6, 2020:

  • All activities and Borrels are cancelled;
  • The Van der Waals room is closed. There won't be a possibility to get coffee or tea;

Updates will be placed here. Last update: 16-03-2020; 10:20h

New website

On March 17, the releae of the new website is scheduled. On that date, the Van der Waals website may be temporarily unavailable.

Free Books

Do you want to add some nice Physics books to your collection of books? Now is your chance, Van der Waals is cleaning out her archive and giving away all unused books for free. If you are interested you can come to the Van der Waals room and ask the board for more information.


Do you have an ERT (BHV) certificate and obtained it at the TU/e? And do you want to assist Van der Waals in providing safety during activities? Then send an email to and we will inform you further. 


From now on, only 90 people are allowed to be present in de 'Salon' at the same time. This is the set amount from the fire department, and in the coming weeks, we are looking into ways of increasing this number together with the department and fire department. We hope for your understanding. 

Fluxtrum drink

Last Thursday, the Fluxtrum drink took place. As you may have noticed, less people were allowed in the Borrelrooms than usual. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience. This is due to a discrepancy between the FSE rules and the department rules. The next days, the department will look into the numbers and we will announce the correct amount as soon as possible.  


Knaek Passes

Studentenkorting in Eindhoven
You can get a free Knaek Pass in the Van der Waals room! With a Knaek pass you can get a discounts for many different things, for example at the Burger King, the Jumbo or the Pathé.

Multiannual plan slides

This Friday, the second multiannual plan brainstorm takes place during the break! The slides are placed on the physstor, under \\physstor\vdw_common\archive\multiannual plan , so if you cannot be there, make sure to check them out! Any feedback and input is welcome and can be sent to


In the newsletter you received yesterday, it said that the Lustrum General Assembly (GA) starts at 18:00h this afternoon (11-02). However, the Lustrum GA starts at 16:00h. Our apologies for this error.